75E Entry Level Handgun




This course is required for entry handgun training to be an amred registered security officer in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The subjects covered are as follows;

  • Practical handgun handling 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, a
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, b
  • Low light/reduced light familiarization 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, c
  • Use of force 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, d
  • Liability 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, e
  • Judgmental shooting: judgmental shooting
    scenarios will be conducted in the classroom
    or range 6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, f
  • Lead exposure6VAC20-174-370, A, 1, g
  • Written examination required. 6VAC20-174-370, A, 2

The authority to bear firearms carries with it an obligation and responsibility to exercise discipline, restraint and good judgment.

We instruct at this school and ensure that all armed security officers have the knowledge that any kind of use of force should always be, is the absolute last resort and will always have to be JUSTIFIED!